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Student Algebra Seminar: Pauwels -- Division algebras and parallelizable spheres

Bregje Pauwels will give the Seminar’s fifth talk in Semester 2 tomorrow afternoon
on Zoom.  Please find the details below.  Anyone desiring to attend the talk or join the
mailing list is warmly invited to get in touch:  

Title: Division algebras and parallelizable spheres

Abstract: The only finite dimensional division algebras over the real numbers are the 
real numbers, the complex numbers, the Hamilton quaternions and the Cayley octonions. 
There are many beautiful proofs of this fact, and one of them uses Bott periodicity and 
Adams operations. We will discuss this proof, and in the process we will discuss Adams’ 
theorem on the Hopf invariant. If time permits (probably not), we will also talk about 
the Leray-Hirsch theorem for K-theory. 

Time and date: 3 pm Wednesday 16 September 

Seminar website: