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Student Algebra Seminar: Zhao -- Representations of affine Hecke algebras via perverse sheaves

Michael Zhao will give the Seminar’s ninth talk for Semester 1 tomorrow morning on
Zoom.  Please find the details below.  Anyone who would like to attend the talk or join
the mailing list is warmly invited to e-mail  

Abstract: In this talk we will see an example application of the theory of perverse 
sheaves to the representation theory of the affine Hecke algebra. Necessarily the talk 
will be heavily biased towards the representation theoretic side - we will cover the 
finite Hecke algebra and its affine version, then some basic Springer theory, before 
discussing the classification theorem of irreducible representations of the affine 
Hecke algebra. Perverse sheaves will only show up towards the end, discussing this 
classification theorem - the first section of the talk will instead focus on the 
’larger picture’ of representation theory: p-adic groups, affine Hecke algebras, and 
the so-called ’Langlands duality’ in this special case. 

Time and date: 11 am Tuesday 18 May.

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