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Statistical Bioinformatics Webinar: Mayoh -- Improving the Actionability of RNA-seq in High-Risk Paediatric Cancer

The Zero Childhood Cancer (ZERO) program provides a comprehensive precision medicine
approach to High-Risk paediatric malignancies (less than 30% survival) to improve
treatment outcomes.  We developed a pipeline to increase the utility of transcriptome
sequencing (RNA-seq) in precision medicine to identify driver fusions, somatic mutations
from RNA and over-/under-expressed genes.  Through deeper exploration of RNA-seq beyond
expression analysis and integration with whole genome sequencing, the RNA-seq pipeline
has expanded the targeted therapeutic options to 72% of patients and a driver mutation
identified in 94%.  Here we will present our bioinformatic approaches to integrating the
pipelines and the additional clinical utility a comprehensive RNA-seq pipeline provides
and its impact on patient management and response.

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