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Calendar1: 23 Nov 2020 1300-1330
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Statistical Bioinformatics Webinar: Liao -- Rsubread: Ultrafast Read Mapping and Quantification of Next-Generation Sequencing Data

Rsubread is a Bioconductor R package that encompasses multiple tools for fast and
accurate analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. Major functionalities of
this toolbox include mapping of RNA and DNA sequencing reads to a reference genome,
counting reads to genomic features such as genes, exons, junctions and genomic intervals
(quantification) and discovery of genomic mutations. Challenges in existing pipelines
will be highlighted and the basic ideas behind Rsubread to overcome these challenges
will be explained. Functionalities of Rsubread and a demonstration of how to use it in
the NGS data analysis will be shown. Results comparing Rsubread to other software tools
for the mapping and quantification of sequence reads will be shown. The results show
that Rsubread achieves a superior computational efficiency than the other software tools
without compromising specificity and sensitivity.