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Statistical Bioinformatics Webinar: Loo -- Characterising and Visualising Human Metabolic Phenotyping Datasets in Diverse Populations

Presented by Dr.  Ruey-Leng Loo (Murdoch University, Western Australia) 

Metabolic phenotyping (metabolomics/metabonomics) by mass spectrometry and nuclear
magnetic resonance spectroscopy has been increasingly applied to human population
studies.  Different data analysis tools have been applied to interpret the complex
metabolic phenotyping datasets generated by these analytical platforms.  However, these
techniques are often inefficient for extracting detailed information from these complex
datasets.  In this talk, I will describe an interactive software pipeline for
exploratory analyses of real population-based nuclear magnetic resonance spectral data
using the Combined Multi-block Principal component Analysis with Statistical
Spectroscopy (COMPASS).  I will explain the key principles behind the COMPASS approach
and will conclude the talk by demonstrating some of its key advantages.

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