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Congratulations to Andrew Crisp on receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

Please join me in congratulating Andrew Crisp on receiving a Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Teaching.

The full list of recipients of Vice-Chancellor's Awards may be viewed from the following link:

This is a major achievement, especially considering Andrew works for the School as a casual academic. His efforts on behalf of students is extraordinary and go far beyond contractual requirements. His example and teaching approach and philosophy are an inspiration and we all have so much to learn from him. A list of student testimonials that supported his nomination from recent teaching may be viewed at the following link:

It is moving to read how much he has helped students and promoted their learning and interest in mathematics. I know that this is but a small sample of the appreciation of Andrew's work in the School by students over many years now, even from his first contributions to teaching in the School as an Honours student.

David Easdown (coordinating the nomination)