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Congratulations to Neil, Shona and Tegan

Congratulations to Neil Saunders, Shona Yu and Tegan Morrison for their recent successes at the conferences held last week at LaTrobe University.

Shona received the G.B. Preston Prize for her talk "The Cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl Algebras" at the Victorian Algebra Conference.

Neil received the B.H. Neumann Prize, jointly with Norman Do from the University of Melbourne, for their talks at the Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society. Tegan received an Honourable Mention for the same prize. Neil's talk was entitled "The Minimal Permutation Degree for a Class of Finite Complex Reflection Groups", Norman's talk was entitled "A tourist's guide to intersection theory on moduli spaces of curves" and Tegan's talk was entitled "Tronquee Solutions of Higher Order Painleve Equations".