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Summer School 2012

Today, the School signed off on all results for mathematics and statistics units offered in Summer School.

The School would particularly like to acknowledge and thank the teaching staff, Natalie Aisbett, Clinton Boys, Sam Butler, Michael Canagasabey, Andrew Crisp, Bob Crossman, Audrey Deheinzelin, Les Farnell, Bill Gibson, Matthew Gibson, Ivan Guo, Rowland Jiang, Bryce Kerr, Muralee Krish, Xin Liu, John Maclean, Van Nguyen, Pat Noble, George Papadopoulos, Geoff Phillips, Brad Roberts, Neil Saunders, Emi Tanaka, William Tong, Fernando Viera, Joanna Wang, Di Warren, Graham White, Noah White, Yinan Zhang, Collin Zheng, for their outstanding contributions across a range of first and second year units.

Special thanks also to Brad Roberts for invaluable assistance and troubleshooting as Deputy Coordinator, especially through a difficult Examination Period affected by construction work in the Carslaw precinct, and to Sonia Morr, John McQueen, Chamreun Cheen, Lucy Kennedy and Anne Fernandez for their tireless support and help behind the scenes.

From July 2012, expressions of interest will be invited for the 2013 Summer School. Postgraduates and recent Honours students who enjoy teaching and interacting with undergraduates will be particularly encouraged to apply for positions as casual lecturers and tutors.

David Easdown
Summer School Coordinator
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Friday 30 March 2012