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Urgent: Petition to the Dean

Dear All,

Members of the union have carefully drafted a petition to the Dean of the Faculty of Science regarding the Service Innovation Program for Science, which can be viewed at the following link:

Hard copies are available in the tea-room for signing.

Please read the petition carefully. The deadline for signing the petition is 4 pm Monday 14 November.

Please support our professional staff. We all benefit greatly, directly and indirectly, from their wonderful ongoing work and contributions to the School.

Anyone associated with the School should be encouraged to sign the petition, including academic staff, honorary staff and students. (There is no need to be a member of the union.) Please help to make our collective voice heard.

Most of our substantive feedback appears to have been overlooked or given insufficient or inadequate consideration. An assessment of some of the responses appears at the following link:

The following page has links to the SIPS Revised Change Proposal, released on Thursday 27 October, and Responses to Feedback that we provided by 12 September, as Appendix C:

Best wishes, David Easdown

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