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Calendar1: 20 Feb 2020 0925-1630
CalLoc1: S227, Main Quadrangle, next to the Nicholson Museum
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Analysis and PDE - Joint Seminar Day

Dear friends and colleagues, 

tomorrow, on Thursday, 20 February 2020, the Nonlinear Analysis research group of our
school is the host of the seminar day 

 "Analysis and PDE".  

Start: 9:25 am, in the Seminar room, S227, in the Main Quadrangle of the University of
Sydney located next to the Nicholson Museum.  

This seminar day is organised twice per year jointly with the related research groups of
the Australian National University, Macquarie University, University of Sydney,
University of Wollongong, UNSW and University of Newcastle, with others participating as

The aim of the seminar day is to bring together specialists, early career researchers
and PhD students working in analysis, partial differential equations and related fields
in Australia, in order to report on research, fostering contacts and to begin new
research projects between the participants.  

In particular, this event has the intention to give PhD students and early career
researchers the oppor- tunity to present their research to a wider audience.  

Guest speaker: Markus Haase (University of Kiel, Germany) 

Invited speakers include: - Paul Bryan (MQ) - Ahn Bui (MQ) - Maria Farcaseanu (U Syd) -
Po Lam Yung (ANU) - Jiakun Liu (UoW) - Yilin Ma (U Syd) - Edware McDonald (UNSW) - Jan
Rosendaal (ANU) 

More information to the event can be found on the webpage: 

You are warmly invited to attend the talks! 

Best wishes, 

Daniel H On behalf of the organizers.

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