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CalTitle1: Workshop in Harmonic Analysis & PDE
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Analysis and PDE Seminar -- AMSI-Workshop in Harmonic Analysis & PDE

Dear friends and colleagues, 

on behalf of Ji Li (Macquarie University), I announce the AMSI/AustMS 2017 Workshop on 


from 17-21 July 2017 at Macquarie University.  

This workshop, organised on the occasion of Professor Xuan Duong turning 60 in 2017,
will bring the leading experts from all over the world including USA, Europe and Asia to
Australia to be together with Australian experts as well as early career researchers and
PhD.  students.  The reports to be presented will be the most recent significant
developments and future directions of Harmonic Analysis and PDEs.  The workshop will
also provide time and ample opportunities for discussions, research collaborations for
the participants, and foster potential collaborations in the future.  

Keynote speakers funded by AMSI: 
  - Jill Pipher (Brown University, USA)
  - Songying Li (University of California * Irvine, USA)
  - El Maati Ouhabaz (University of Bordeaux, France)
  - Zhongwei Shen (University of Kentucky, USA)
  - Michael Lacey (Georgia Tech, USA)
  - Soonsik Kwon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  - Virginia Naibo (Kansas State University, USA) 

Further speakers include: 

 - The Anh Bui (Macquarie University, Australia) 
 - Qui Bui (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
 - Daniel Daners (University of Sydney, Australia)
 - Yihong Du (University of New England, Australia)
 - Tom ter Elst (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
 - Andrew Hassell (Australian National University, Australia)
 - Daniel Hauer (University of Sydney, Australia)
 - Carlos Perez (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain)
 - Neil Trudinger (Australian National University, Australia)
 - Brett D.  Wick (Washington University in St Louis, USA)
 - Hongquan Li (Fudan University, China)
 - Chin-Cheng Lin (NCU, Taiwan) 
 - Zhengjian Lou (Shantou University, China)
 - Pierre Portal (Australian National University, Australia)
 - Tao Qian (Macau University, Macau)
 - Adam Sikora (Macquarie University, Australia)
 - Brett D.  Wick (Washington University in St Louis, USA) 
 - Xiaohua Yao (Central China Normal University, China) 

Further information and a schedule of the talks is available on the web page 

Best wishes, 


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