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Calendar1: 27 Oct 2017 1500-1600
CalLoc1: Macquarie E7B 146 (ACE room)
CalTitle1: Colloquium talks: Non-concavity of Robin eigenfunctions
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Colloquium at Macquarie University: Daniel Hauer -- Non-concavity of Robin eigenfunctions

On behalf of Ji Li (Macquarie University): 

Dear All, 

On Friday afternoon (27 Oct 2017), we will have the tenth Department Colloquium Series
talk for this semester: 

3-4pm, ACE room: E7B 146, Speaker: Dr.  Daniel Hauer from The University of Sydney.  

We will take the speaker to lunch at the Staff Cafe, and will depart from our department
(from outside of the kitchen in E7A level 7) at about 12:30pm.  After the talk, our
department provides some light refreshments in the kitchen in E7A level 7, organised by
Christine.  You are all welcome to join us.  I have attached the title and abstract for
your convenience (see the pdf file in the attachment).  You can also check all the
information for our colloquium series via the link as follows: 

 With best wishes 

Ji Li

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