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CalTitle1: EOI - Expression of Interest - Teaching in Summer School 2022
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EOI - Expresssion of Interest - Teaching Intensive January 2022

Dear friends and colleagues, 

In 2022, we are organizing the Summer School during the University’s Intensive January
Session 2022.  Even though the exact dates of this intensive period is not yet known
(cf,, I assume that the regular
teaching period (4 weeks) will be schedule during the weeks 3., 4., 5., and 6.  of the
calendar year 2022 OR the first 4 weeks starting with first day of re-opening after the
annual University close-down at the end of the year 2021.  The whole Summer School will
take 6 weeks since it also includes 1 exam week and 1 marking week.  

If you are interested in giving a tutorial, or even would like to teach and coordinate
one of the following units of study 

MATH1002 Linear Algebra
MATH1011 Application of Calculus
MATH1013 Mathematical Modelling 
MATH1014 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH1023 Multivariable Calculus and Modelling

MATH1005 Statistics
MATH1115 Interrogating Data 

MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus 

during this intensive teaching period, then please send a short CV (1Page) outlining
your teaching experience with a short paragraph emphasizing your motivation via email to 

until 15 July 2021.  

If you intend to teach and coordinate one unit of study for the Summer School in 2022,
then, please, be aware that because of the annual University close-down the writing and
vetting of assessments (quizzes, assignments, exams and replacement exams) has to be
done until the end of November 2021.  For this reason, I will meet with the unit of
study coordinators of Summer School already in October this year.  

Thank you! 

Best wishes, 

Daniel H.  

Summer School Director

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