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Expression of Interest - Summer School Teaching/Tutoring 2024

Dear tutors, colleagues, and friends,

If you are interested in getting teaching experience by either coordinating and teaching a unit of study, or by giving a tutorial of one of the units of study offered in the Intensive January Session 2024 (4 weeks), then please send an email with an expression of interest (EoI) and attach a short CV listing your teaching experience to

Brad Roberts (, deputy summer school director.

We are still looking for unit of study coordinators/lecturers for the following units of study:


Please, note that we are only allowed to employ teaching staff who already passed sucessfuly the hiring process and training for giving 1st-year tutorials at the School of Mathematics and Statistics organized by DR Jonathan Spreer (

Furthermore, since we do not know the enrollment numbers until mid December 2023, we cannot send out confirmation emails to each tutor-application at the same time. Thus, we please you to remain patient with confirmation emails sent by us.

If you have further questions, then please contact either myself

Daniel Hauer ( or Brad.

Best wishes,

Brad and Daniel

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