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Type: Seminar
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Expiry: 2 Nov 2018
Calendar1: 2 Nov 2018 0900-1800
CalLoc1: Auditorium 2, DVC Building (F23)
CalTitle1: Recent Trends in nonlinear PDEs
Auth: dhauer@p635m.pc (assumed)

MATRIX Satellite Workshop at the University of Sydney -- Recent trends in nonlinear in PDEs

Dear friends and colleagues, 

from 1 - 2 November 2018, we hold an international workshop on 

"Recent trends in nonlinear PDEs" 

at Auditorium 2 in the DVC Building (F23) on Camperdown Campus of the University of

Speakers include: 

 - Ben Andrews (Canberra) 

  - Wolfgang Arendt (Ulm) 
  - Jerome Coville (Avignon) 
  - Yihong Du (NewEngland) 

  - Massimo Grossi (Rome) 

  - Changfeng Gui (San Antonio) 

   - Petr Gurka (Prague) 

   - David Hartley (Wollongong) 

   - Isabella Ianni (Campania) 

   - Ki-Ahm Lee (Seoul) 
   - Robin Neumayer (IAS Princeton) 

   - Benedetta Pellacci (Campania) 

   - Angela Pistoia (Rome) 

   - Bernhard Ruf (Milan) 
   - Yannick Sire (J.  Hopkins, Maryland) 

   - Philippe Souplet (Paris XIII) 

   - Susanna Terracini (Milano) 

Program of the conference and further information can be found at 

You are warmly invited to attend the talks.  

Best wishes,