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Calendar1: 14 Mar 2023 1100-1200
CalLoc1: AGR Carslaw 829
CalTitle1: Congestion pedestrian flow and constrained evolution PDEs
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PDE Seminar: Noureddine Igbida -- Congestion pedestrian flow and constrained evolution PDEs

Dear friends and colleagues,

you are warmly invited to the seminar talk on

Tuesday, 14 March at 11 am in AGR, Carslaw Building.

Speaker: Noureddine Igbida (Professor @ University of Limoges, France)

Title : Congestion pedestrian flow and constrained evolution PDEs
Abstract : Prediction-Correction algorithm is used to handle the congestion 
in some pedestrian flow model (of second order). The idea  consists in  
transporting the population according to a spontaneous velocity field at 
a first step, and then straighten up the density using some kind of projection.   
It was used first in a pioneering work  by B.  Maury  and al. where 
the projection is taken in W_2-Wasserstein space.  In this talk, we’ll give an 
overview on this algorithm and we propose a new manner to handle this kind of 
algorithms showing how these algorithms are closely connected to  nonlinear 
diffusion diffusion-transport equation of Hele-Shaw type. We focus the conference 
on two types of strategy and we present the main theoretical and numerical 
results that we obtain on these models.

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