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Calendar1: 4 Nov 2015
CalLoc1: Physics Lecture Theatre 5
CalTitle1: Please register: Recent Trends in Nonlinear Evolution Equations
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Workshop: Recent Trends in Nonlinear Evolution Equations -- Please register

Dear friends and collegues, 

Valentina-Mira Wheeler (University of Wollongong) and myself, we organise from
Wednesday, 4 Nov.  2015 - Thursday, 5 Nov.  the workshop 

 "Recent Trends in Nonlinear Evolution Equations" 

at the University of Sydney, Physics Building, in Lecture Room 5.  

You are all warmly welcome to attend the talks or only part of the talks.  

In order to organise the appropriate amount of beverages in the coffee breaks, we please
you all, if you intend to attend some talks, then please register via Eventbride 

or send an email to Daniel Hauer ( and leave a note whether
you want to join the lunch at "The Grandstand" or not and if you are interested in
attending the conference dinner or not.  

Everybody is welcome to join the workshop.  

Kind regards,