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Type: Seminar
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Expiry: 10 Feb 2020
Calendar1: 10 Feb 2020 0900-1700
CalLoc1: 12 Wally’s Walk, Level 8 Macquarie University
CalTitle1: Harmonic Analysis and PDEs
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Workshop on: Harmonic Analysis and PDEs

Dear friends and colleagues, 

on Monday, 10 February 2020, from 9 am - 5pm, Ji Li of the Department of Mathematics and
Statistics is holding a 

                       Workshop on Harmonic Analysis and PDEs 

at 12 Wally’s Walk, Level 8 Macquarie University.  

Speakers include 
  - Chuhee Cho (Seoul National University) 
  - Michael Cowling (UNSW) 
  - Loredana Lanzani (Syracuse University)
  - Sanghyuk Lee (Seoul National University)
  - Jiakun Liu (University of Wollongong)
  - Brett Wick (Washington University in St Louis) 

More information and updates to the workshop can be found on the homepage: 

You are warmly invited to come and to attend a talk.  If you intend to go to the
workshop, then, please, inform Ji Li ( about it a few days before (for
catering purposes).  

Best wishes, 

Daniel H.

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