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Calendar1: 6 Nov 2014 1500-1600
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Computational Algebra Seminar: Elsenhans -- Computation of Galois groups

Date: Thursday November 6
Time: 3pm
Room: Carslaw 173

Speaker: Stephan-Andreas Elsenhans (Sydney)

Title: Computation of Galois groups

The computation of the Galois group of a polynomial with rational coefficients is done
in magma by using Stauduhar’s method.  On a first glace this approach looks quite
simple.  But in its initial form it could only give heuristic results for polynomials of
degree at most 7.  

In this talk I will explain variations of the method that enable us to determine the
Galois group of a degree 20 polynomial with moderate coefficients in about 1 second.
Finally, we will have a try with a degree 63 polynomial.

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