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Applied Maths Seminar: Dullin -- Chaotic dynamics of the triple pendulum

The chaotic triple pendulum is a prime example of a mechanical system that exhibits
chaotic behaviour.  A new triple pendulum has been built for the School of Mathematics
over the winter break by the mechanical workshop of the School of Physiscs.  In this
talk I will demonstrate the amazing behaviour of the triple pendulum and discuss some
aspects of the corresponding ordinary differential equations.  Depending on the masses
of the pendula the system can change behaviour from completely integrable to chaotic.
The degree of chaos also depends on the total energy.  For infinite energy (or without
gravity) an additional constant of motion appears.  Important aspects of the transition
from low energy to high energy can be understood in terms of the changes of the topology
of the corresponding energy surface.  I will show how to construct global Poincare
sections in these energy surfaces (for the double pendulum).

NOTE: back to the old room, Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre

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