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Calendar1: 16 Nov 2015 0930-1600
CalLoc1: NSW Institute of Sport, Olympic Park
CalTitle1: Bodies in Space Seminar
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Bodies in Space -- Mathematics of Platform and Springboard Diving

Bodies in Space

Monday 16 November 2015, New South Wales Institute of Sport, Ian Thorpe Theatrette
6 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

A meeting on the science and mathematics behind platform and springboard diving.
Outcomes of an ARC funded Linkage project between the University of Sydney (USyd) 
and the New South Wales Institute of Sports (NSWIS).

General part

9:30  Kenneth Graham 1   Opening
9:40  Holger Dullin 2	 Bodies in Space
10:30 Cherie Walker 3 	 Practical application of IMUs to the sport of Springboard diving
10:45 William Tong 2  	 A theoretical 513XD dive

11:00 Coffee break

Scientific part

11:30 Peter Sinclair 3 	How much variability can a diver get away with and still successfully complete a dive?
12:00 Cherrie Walker 3 	Variability during the springboard diving approach, takeoff and dive flight

12:30 Lunch / Visit the somersaulting harness in the gym

13:30 Surya Singh 4 	Symmetric Insights About Motion: Exploiting continuous symmetry for fast motion correction
14:00 Holger Dullin 2 	The Diver with a Rotor
14:30 William Tong 2 	Science behind 513XD

15:00 Discussion / Future

2 School of Mathematics and Statistics, USyd; 
3 Exercise & Sport Science, USyd; 
4 Robotics Centre, University of Queensland

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