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CalTitle1: Shear-thinning: A stabilising effect? Yes, no, maybe?

Applied Maths Seminar

Shear-thinning: A stabilising effect? Yes, no, maybe?


Dr. Paul Griffiths (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Title: Shear-thinning: A stabilising effect? Yes, no, maybe?
Abstract: In this talk we will investigate how viscosity effects the stability of a fluid flow. By assuming a shear-thinning viscosity relationship, where an increase in shear-rate results in a decrease in fluid viscosity, we show that flows can be both stabilised or destabilised, depending on (i) the fluid model in question and (ii) the ‘amount’ of shear-thinning the fluid exhibits. Using a two-dimensional boundary-layer flow as our ‘toy model’ we are able to show equivalence between different shear-thinning models. The effect shear-thinning has on important parameters such as the critical Reynolds number, and the maximum frequency of the disturbances will be discussed and interpreted in the wider context.

Applied Maths Seminars are held at 2:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Access Grid Room

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