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Calendar1: 19 Jul 2018 1400-1500
CalLoc1: AGR Carslaw 829
CalTitle1: Hamiltonian dynamics of vortex membranes

Applied Maths Seminar

Hamiltonian dynamics of vortex membranes


Prof. Boris Khesin (Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Canada)
Title: Hamiltonian dynamics of vortex membranes
Abstract: We show that an approximation of the hydrodynamical Euler equation describes the skew-mean-curvature flow on vortex membranes in any dimension. This generalizes the classical binormal, or vortex filament, equation in 3D. We present a Hamiltonian framework for dynamics of higher-dimensional vortex filaments and vortex sheets as singular 2-forms (Green currents) with support of codimensions 2 and 1, respectively.

Seminars are held at 2:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Access Grid Room ( Carslaw Building, 8th floor, room 829), unless otherwise noted.

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