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SUMS -- Cake Bake

Just like the SUMS concert, the SUMS Cake Bake is rich in tradition, as many of the old
people (like me) can tell you.  

This year though, to pay tribute to a much-loved member of the maths department (who is
leaving for the Netherlands, and loves cake), SUMS is asking its members to bake cakes
and bring them in on Monday, where they will be judged and subsequently eaten.  There
will be 2 categories: The tastiest cake, and the most creative mathematical reference.
If you like baking cakes, please bake one and bring it in on Monday! If you have friends
who like baking cakes, tell them about it so they can bake a cake too!!!! The more the

Event: Cake Bake When: Monday 25 August, 1pm Where: Maths Common Room (level 7, Carslaw
Building) Judge: Shona Yu 


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