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SUMS: Guo -- The Divine Ratio

Hello everybody, 

This week’s talk is on the golden ratio, also known as phi.  I’m sure most of you know
about this special number and its many wonderful properties, but for those who enjoy
living under rocks, if you have 2 positive real numbers a and b (where a>b) such that
(a+b)/a = a/b, then a/b is the golden ratio.  Actually, forget that, come to Ivan’s
talk, he will make it sound much more interesting! He has told me that, among other
things, the talk will look at Fibonacci numbers, the Princess problem (which I’ve never
heard of before), and if he has time, the Beatty Theorem.  

I should also point out that the time and location of this week’s talk are slightly
different to what we had in Semester 1, due to the availability of our speaker this
week.  Please make note of this as we start an hour earlier this week and I would hate
for people wanting to see this talk and find out that they missed it.  Everything will
be back to normal for week 2 onwards.  

Talk: The Divine Ratio Speaker: Ivan Guo Date: Friday, August 1 Time: 12pm-1pm Location:
Carslaw 452 

I hope to see you there! 


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