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SUMS: Zhang -- How to Sink a Submarine

Hello SUMS members,

Terribly sorry for the extremely late notice. I had much difficulty lining up
 a talk this week. People are getting busy all of a sudden. Which reminds me, 
if any of you guys have something interesting you wish to give a talk on, feel 
free to email us a request. We’d love to hear you!

This week our Treasurer, Yinan, will be giving a talk on something that he 
finds amusing: submarines. In particular, he will be discussing how operations 
research helped to save British shipping during the World Wars. Those of you 
who came to last year’s SUMS meeting may find this familiar, indeed Yinan gave 
a talk on this last year, however he tells me he has improved it. In any case, 
it should be great.

Talk: How to Sink a Submarine
Speaker: Yinan Zhang
Location: Carslaw 350
Date/Time: Wednesday August 5, 1-2pm

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