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SUMS Meeting: Guo -- Farey Fractions (continued)

Hello all,

Thankyou to everybody who turned up to the Cake Bake, it was by far our most 
successful one for a long time. We had 6 delicious and creative cakes, and 
indeed I would like to thank all of our bakers (Sean, Anna C, Anna W, Jenny 
who baked 2, and Duncan) for doing such a good job. I hope you enjoy 
spending your Coles vouchers. Also thankyou very much to Leon Poladian, 
Laurentiu Paunescu, Sonia Morr and David Easdown for judging the cakes and 
coming up with their own categories! Much appreciated. Hopefully we will 
upload the photos of the cakes to the SUMS website shortly.

This week we are returning to talks again. In fact, our next speaker is 
somebody who has already given a talk this year, Ivan Guo. It turns out that 
there was so much stuff that he didn’t have time to show us last time 
around, that he wants to give us another talk of it! So he is continuing on 
with his discussion of Farey Fractions. Note, however, that you do NOT need 
to have gone to the first Farey Fractions talk to be able to understand this 
one. In fact, you probably don’t even need to know the definition of the 
related Ford Circles:

    "In mathematics, a Ford Circle is a circle with centre at (p/q, 1/(2q2)) 
and radius 1/(2q2), where p/q is an irreducible fraction, i.e. p and q are 
coprime integers. The Ford circle associated with the fraction p/q is 
denoted by C[p/q] or C[p, q]. If p/q is between 0 and 1, the Ford circles 
that are tangent to C[p/q] are precisely those associated with the fractions 
that are the neighbours of p/q in some Farey sequence."

in order to follow this week’s talk. In any case, be there (please)!

Talk: Farey Fractions (continued)
Speaker: Ivan Guo
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 29, 1-2pm
Location: Carslaw 452

SUMS President

"Osama bin Laden is either alive and well or alive and not too well or not 
alive." - Donald Rumsfeld (sorry, don’t like to repeat sources, but couldn’t 
be stuffed finding something else).

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