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SUMS Meeting: Hoare -- What is a Gay Matrix?

Hello SUMS members,

Apologies again for the lateness. I was planning on sending this on the 
weekend. However, such tasks become difficult when one does not have access 
to a computer.

Anyway, this week we have a talk. By Alex Hoare. On sexually transmitted 
infections among homosexual men. Since I cannot possibly give a description 
that gives this topic justice, Alex has kindly provided a (very long) 

"What is the Gay Matrix?

Part 2 of A. Hoare’s guide to STI’s: Analysing a syphilis epidemic among gay 
men using individual-based modeling

Ladies and gentleman, prepare to replace your pure hats with a much more 
useful applied one ;). We shall shift from the intricate world of the p=np 
problem where you can win a million dollars, and go to the world of 
mathematical biology where you can help more than a million people (and also 
make millions of dollars, big pharma FTW‼).

Just one of the many problems that we try and tackle is syphilis. Most 
developed nations have experienced a recent increase in syphilis infections, 
most notably in the gay male population. Australia is no different and has 
also witnessed a dramatic increase, which has prompted the planning of 
strategies to combat this epidemic.

To help evaluate those strategies, we developed an individual-based model 
simulating syphilis transmission within the gay male population of 
Melbourne. We then use the model to simulate a number of intervention 
strategies to help reduce syphilis transmission. These include: modifying 
testing rates, focusing on specific at-risk groups, and contact-tracing.

Which strategy works the best? Which one crashes and burns? Come along and 
find out!"

I DID say it was long. But don’t worry, the talk won’t be too long. It will, 
however, be good.

Talk: What is the Gay Matrix?
Speaker: Alex Hoare
Location: Carslaw 452
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 20, 1-2pm

I hope to see you there!

SUMS President.

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