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SUMS Meeting: Reid -- Sounds, Music, and Mathematics

We’re back to regular talks guys, and this time we have a quite experienced 
speaker, Chris Reid. Chris has given SUMS talks since 2003, mostly on the 
Riemann Hypothesis. This time however, he is venturing into new ground with 
MUSIC! Here is his abstract:

Everyone likes music, right? But how does music actually manage to affect us 
in the many ways that it does? Well, that’s a ridiculously difficult question 
to answer if you ask me. So, instead I’ll present some of the simple 
principals of sound and music with the vague target of generating some "cool" 
electronically generated sounds. Specifically, I’ll be mentioning things 
related to waves, pitch, harmonics, rhythm, tone/tone colour, human speech, 
vibrato, resonance, etc. Hopefully, most of the concepts will be accompanied 
by examples in the form of actual Mathematica-generated sounds using explicit 

This will likely be the best talk of the (relatively short) year so far, so 
be sure to come along!

Talk: Sounds, Music, and Mathematics
Speaker: Chris Reid
Where: Carslaw 451
When: Friday April 18, 1-2pm

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