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Calendar1: 13 May 2009 1300-1400
CalLoc1: Victoria Park

SUMS Meeting -- Soccer

Hello SUMS members,
A big thankyou to everyone who turned up last Wednesday, we had, so far, our 
best turnout of the year. A big thankyou also to Zhuo to take time out of his 
busy schedule to come down and enlighten us on the P=NP problem. It was so 
successful, in fact, that I am reluctant to not be holding a talk this week. 
However, we (as in SUMS) have been trying to follow a policy of not having 3 
talks in a row. That, and my planned speaker for this week suddenly got busy 
(he’ll come back later).
So this week, we’ve decided to hold end-of-semester soccer. Yes, I am aware it 
isn’t actually the end of the semester, but we’re trying to plan something 
slightly bigger for week 13 (you’ll see what we mean, hopefully). So guys, 
this is it, the real thing. The last game meant nothing, that was just warming 
up. This Wednesday, we’ll really see who is better, pure or applied. Or even 
stats. So bring your shoes, and uh, skills, and all that, and come play some 
Event: SUMS soccer
Location: Victoria Park
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 12, 1-2pm

Hope to see you there!
SUMS President