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Calendar1: 23 May 2008 1300-1400
CalLoc1: Carslaw 451

SUMS Meeting: Zhang -- How to Sink a Submarine

Hello everyone,

This week’s talk will be the first SUMS talk of 2008 given by an honours 
student, Yinan Zhang. When asked what his talk was actually on, Yinan gave a 
very brief reply:

"I will be discussing how operations research helped to save British shipping 
during the World Wars."

Apparently his talk will cover the mathematical areas of operation theory and 
logic (and maybe some other areas). This should be quite an interesting talk, 
perhaps the most "applied" talk we’ve had so far!

Talk: How to Sink a Submarine
Speaker: Yinan Zhang
Location: Carslaw 451
Time: Friday, May 23, 1-2pm

I hope to see you there!