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Letters and Numbers (SBS game show) being "rested"

As some of you may have seen, SBS has announced (at very short
notice) that they are "resting" Letters and Numbers after June 27.
My understanding of what this means in practice is that they are
intending to cancel the show unless there is enough public support
expressed for it.

This is one of those rare instances where I am motivated enough to
try and make that support happen.  On the personal front, the show
has been a very enjoyable part of my evenings for the last year,
and I had a wonderful time during my appearance on the show.  I
would very much like others to be able to have the same experience.

But this is not just about me; I genuinely believe that the show
enriches our society.  I have heard many tales of school children
playing along and developing their word and numerical skills as a
consequence.  I’ve been particularly heartened to hear of two-year
olds learning the alphabet as a result of watching the show.

Letters and Numbers provides a wonderfully engaging way to help
children develop these skills, while simultaneously providing the
same mental exercise for adult viewers.  Shows that can be watched
and enjoyed by all ages are rare enough, let alone those with such
positive effects.

I have set up a website (probably somewhat lonely right now) for
accumulating the necessary public support.  Whether it succeeds or
not depends entirely on how much participation it gets, and how much
the word is spread.  Consequently, as a first step, I am asking you
to visit the site and vote, and to comment if you will.  But most
importantly, to please share the link with people and encourage
them to do likewise..

The website may be found at:

Thank you for your consideration and for whatever efforts you may go
to in this matter.