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2021 AMS Short Course on ’Mathematical and Computational Methods for Complex Social Systems’

Dear All, 

this announcement by Mason Porter (UCLA) may be interesting to lots of our students,
including undergraduates: 



Hi everybody, 

Along with Heather Brooks, Michelle Feng, and Alexandria Volkening, I am co-organizing
the 2021 AMS Short Course on ’Mathematical and Computational Methods for Complex Social

A bunch of information is located at the website online, and registration itself will
open later this month.  

For ease of spreading the news, here is my tweet from earlier today: 

Our speakers and panelists, who span multiple disciplines, include Rediet Abebe
(University of California, Berkeley), Daryl R.  DeFord (Washington State University),
Sandra Gonzlez-Bailn (University of Pennsylvania), Elizabeth Munch (Michigan State
University), Nancy Rodrguez (University of Colorado, Boulder), Shelby M.  Scott
(University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Joseph H.  Tien (Ohio State University), Chad M.
Topaz (Williams College), and Jennifer N.  Victor (George Mason University).  

The mathematical study of complex social systems draws on many subfields, including
data-driven modeling, data analysis, network science, and topology and geometry.  We
will overview these mathematical methods, while also equipping participants with
associated computational skills and discussing ways of engaging in cross-disciplinary
research.  We will present and discuss problems that are motivated by public opinion,
political elections, social media, and social advocacy.  Through a combination of survey
lectures, software tutorials, panels, and community-building discussions, our goals are
(1) to introduce participants to complex social systems and (2) to engage and mentor
people who are interested in pursuing research in this area.  

----- Mason

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