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Calendar1: 17 Oct 2014 1600-1700
CalLoc1: Carslaw 273
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SDG meeting: Hammerlindl -- Ergodic components of partially hyperbolic systems

Dear All, 

This week, Friday the 17th of October, Andy Hammerlindl will give a talk at USyd,
Carslaw 273 at 4pm on 

“Ergodic components of partially hyperbolic systems” 

Abstract: In certain settings, such as on 3-dimensional manifolds, the Pugh-Shub
conjectures have been established, and stable ergodicity is (open and) dense among
partially hyperbolic systems.  Thus, it is an interesting question as to exactly how
these systems can fail to be ergodic.  

In this talk, I’ll present my own research on the subject, giving a classification of
non-ergodicity for certain families of partially hyperbolic systems.  

Hope to see you all there,