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Calendar1: 24 Mar 2017 1600-1700
CalLoc1: Carslaw 375
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SDG meeting: Ian Melbourne -- The Lorenz attractor mixes exponentially quickly

Dear All, 

Friday the 24th of March, Ian Melbourne (Warwick), will give a talk at USyd, Carslaw
Lecture Theatre 375 at 4pm on 

Title: The Lorenz attractor mixes exponentially quickly 

Abstract: The classical Lorenz equations (Lorenz 1963) popularised the notion of chaos,
often referred to as the "butterfly effect".  
A full mathematical understanding of these equations has taken a few decades.  In
general, proving mixing properties (loss of memory) for dynamical systems is a difficult
and poorly understood question.  In this talk, we show that the classical Lorenz
attractor mixes exponentially quickly.  This is joint work with Vitor Araujo and Paulo

Hope to see you all there,