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(double) congratulations to Martin Wechselberger!

Congratulations, Martin! 

Martin received the 2017 JD Crawford Prize.  It is awarded biannually by SIAM
for recent outstanding work on a topic in nonlinear science.  

Martin got the award “for breakthrough insights, highlighting the importance of
canards and mixed-mode oscillations, that have application to neuroscience and open up
new fields of research for dynamical systems with multiple time-scales.” 

Martin further received the SIAM Outstanding Paper award for his work with Richard
Bertram and Theo Vo (Martin’s former PhD student) for their paper "Multiple Geometric
Viewpoints of Mixed Mode Dynamics Associated with Pseudo-plateau Bursting".  Each year
three paper from all(!) SIAM journals are selected for this prize. 

This is excellent news for the School.  Well done, Martin!