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Calendar1: 19 Apr 2022 0930-1600
CalLoc1: Quad S204 (Oriental Room)
CalTitle1: Hendoff - Day 1
Calendar2: 20 Apr 2022 0930-1600
CalLoc2: Quad S204 (Oriental Room)
CalTitle2: Hendoff - Day 2
Calendar3: 21 Apr 2022 0930-1600
CalLoc3: Quad S204 (Oriental Room)
CalTitle3: Hendoff - Day 3
Calendar4: 22 Apr 2022 0930-1600
CalLoc4: Quad S204 (Oriental Room)
CalTitle4: Hendoff - Day 4
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Hendoff -- Farewell conference for Anthony Henderson (19-22 April 2022)

"Hendoff" for SMRI’s Executive Director The Hendoff is a celebration of Anthony
Henderson’s manifold contributions to mathematics in Australia, through both his
research and service to the community.  Anthony began his distinguished career at the
University of Sydney as a postdoctoral scholar in 2001, and it culminated with his
promotion to Professor in 2016 and becoming the inaugural Executive Director of Sydney
Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI) in 2018.  SMRI was established by SMRI Director
Geordie Williamson and Anthony and is the first institute of its kind in Australia.  

Both as a Professor and at his role in SMRI, Anthony has made deep and important
contributions to pure mathematics, particularly in studies related to the geometry of
nilpotent varieties and Springer fibres, and their generalisations.  His many awards and
distinctions include the Australian Mathematical Society Medal (2012) and the
Christopher Heyde Medal (2011).  Anthony has also been an important mentor to many early
career mathematicians in Australia, several of whom are speaking at this conference.  

After over two years at the helm of SMRI and more than twenty years at Sydney, Anthony
is stepping down.  Let’s send him off in style! 

The Hendoff will take place at the University of Sydney.  

Register free of charge via Eventbrite

Please join us for a walk to Double Bay on Wednesday 22 April, followed by dinner and
drinks at wine bar Bibo (free of charge).  Please go the Schedule page to register for
the conference dinner (Thai Pothong, Newtown) on Thursday 21 April@6:30pm. 
(If you are not a conference speaker, please bring $40 cash for the dinner).

For more information, please contact the conference organisers: 

Gus Lehrer 

Andrew Mathas 

Geordie Williamson 

Oded Yacobi