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Calendar1: 31 May 2022 1500-1600
CalLoc1: Quad S224 & via Zoom
CalTitle1: SMRI ’What is ...a virtual knot?’ Hans Boden (McMaster University)
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SMRI ’What is ...?’: Boden -- ’What is ...a virtual knot?’

SMRI ’What is ...?’ seminar: 
’What is a virtual knot?’ 
Hans Boden (McMaster University) 

Tuesday, 31st May, 3:00pm - 4:00pm (AEST) 
Quad S224 & Online via Zoom 
Register for online attendance here: 

Abstract: Virtual knots were introduced by Louis Kauffman in 1999 as a completion of
classical knot theory in which planarity is no longer required.  Virtual knots have been
studied using a variety of approaches, including algebra, combinatorics, and geometric
methods.  They also have strong connections to quantum topology and finite type
invariants.  This talk will survey some fascinating results that have been established
and present also open problems and directions for future research.  

Biography: Dr.  Hans U.  Boden is a professor of mathematics at McMaster University in
Canada.  He is visiting the University of Sydney and SMRI from May 17 to June 11.  His
research interests are on the geometry and topology of manifolds, especially gauge
theory and low-dimensional topology.  In recent years, his work has focused on
developing geometric methods to understand knotting and linking in 3-dimensional
manifolds.  While in Sydney, he will be working closely with Dr.  Zsuzsi Dancso on a
collaborative project related to the Tait conjectures in knot theory.