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CalTitle1: SMRI ’What is ...?’ Seminar: Hertrich-Jeromin ’What is ...symmetry breaking in geometry?’
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SMRI ’What is ...?’ Seminar: Hertrich-Jeromin -- ’What is ...symmetry breaking in geometry?’

**Please note this seminar is in-person only 

SMRI ’What is ...?’ Seminar: 
’What is ...symmetry breaking in geometry?’ 
Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (Vienna University of Technology) 

Thursday 14th September 
1:00-2:00pm (AEST) 
Carslaw 375 

Abstract: "Symmetry breaking" has been a key notion in physics since well over a
century.  We shall explore the question whether certain phenomena in geometry may be
considered as "symmetry breaking" in geometry in a similar vein, pursuing ideas first
formulated well over a century ago in the "Erlanger programme" of F Klein.  


Please join us after the seminar for SMRI afternoon tea, 2:00-2:45pm every Thursday on
the SMRI Terrace (accessed through A14-04-L4.36) 


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