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SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online: Lonergan -- Geometric Satake over KU

SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online
’Geometric Satake over KU’
Gus Lonergan (A Priori Investment Management LLC)

Thursday Jun 24, 2021 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM (AEST)
Online via Zoom

Abstract: We describe a K-theoretic version of the equivariant constructible derived 
category. We state (with evidence!) a ’geometric Satake’ conjecture relating its value 
on the affine Grassmannian to representations of the Langlands dual group.

About the Speaker: Gus Lonergan is the Chief Mathematician at A Priori Investment 
Management LLC. He was previously a L.E. Dickson Instructor in the mathematics 
department at the University of Chicago. He is interested in representation theory. 
Lonergan completed his PhD at MIT under Roman Bezrukavnikov; the thesis was an attempt 
to understand mod p phenomena in algebraic topology in the context of geometric 
representation theory. He attended Cambridge University for his undergraduate and 
master’s degree. He plays a little music on the side.

These seminars will be recorded, including participant questions (participants only 
when asking questions), and uploaded to the SMRI YouTube Channel