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SMRI Domestic Visitor Program - Applications Open

The Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI)
Domestic Visitor Program - applications open

The current round of the SMRI Domestic Visitor Program is now open.  
Applications are due 2-6 months prior to a potential start date for the visit.
Please direct potential visitors to the SMRI website for the terms and conditions.


Another round of the SMRI Domestic Visitor Program is now open for applications.  This
is for researchers in the mathematical sciences from other Australian universities who
wish to do research at SMRI either individually or as part of a group of collaborators; 
funding is available for successful applicants who are not from Sydney.  

The deadline for applications is 2-6 months before a potential visit.
Applications should be sent by email to with the information
requested in the terms and conditions, see the SMRI website: 

If you have existing or potential research collaborators at other Australian
universities who may want to spend some time working at SMRI, please direct them to the
website and encourage them to apply.


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