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CalTitle1: POSTPONED: SMRI Public Lecture: The Mathematics of Knots with Jessica Purcell
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POSTPONED: SMRI Public Lecture: Purcell -- The Mathematics of Knots


SMRI Public Lecture: The Mathematics of Knots with Jessica Purcell 

When: Thursday 15 July 2021 The lecture will begin at 18:00.  
Drinks and canapes will be served after the lecture concludes around 19:00.  

Where: Lecture Theatre 200 Social Sciences Building (A02) 

Abstract: Since prehistoric times, humans have used knots for their functional and
aesthetic value.  Knots, links and braids have held decorative, artistic and spiritual
significance across a myriad of cultures.  For mathematicians, the study of knots has
led to insights in disciplines such as geometry and topology.  In this public lecture,
Professor Purcell will provide us with an introduction into knot theory and some of its
fundamental questions.  When is a knot not a knot—how do you know if it can be
unknotted? How do you know if two knots are the same? Professor Purcell will share what
motivates her research, take a look at some of the modern tools to study knots and
describe some of the surprising applications of knot theory, such as quantum physics,
synthetic chemistry and molecular biology.  

Speaker biography: Jessica Purcell is a Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences
and Associate Dean of Research (Faculty of Science) at Monash University.  Her research
interests are in geometry and topology, with a particular interest in 3-manifolds,
hyberbolic geometry and knot theory.  Professor Purcell will visit SMRI in July 2021 as
part of the Domestic Visitor Program (2020 Round 2 Awardee).  

Registration: Please register via Eventbrite by 14 July. 

Please note this lecture will take place in-person and will not be recorded.  Numbers
may be limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment.