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CalTitle1: SMRI Seminar: Renjie Feng ’A quick introduction to random matrices and extreme gap problems’
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SMRI Seminar: Feng -- A quick introduction to random matrices and extreme gap problems

**Please note this seminar is in-person only 

SMRI Seminar: 
’A quick introduction to random matrices and extreme gap problems’
Renjie Feng (University of Sydney) 

Thursday 21st September 
1:00-2:00pm (AEST) 
Carslaw 375 (in-person only)

Abstract: Random matrices are studied in various mathematical areas, including 
statistics, high-energy physics, statistical physics, number theory, (quantum) 
information theory, numerical analysis, integrable systems, string theory, and more.  I 
will first introduce two types of random matrices and discuss classical results such as 
the semicircle law and the Tracy-Widom law. Then I will provide several examples in 
statistical physics and representation theory where the Tracy-Widom law surprisingly 
emerges. Finally, I will present our recent findings regarding extreme gap problems in 
classical random matrices and propose several conjectures.


Please join us after the seminar for SMRI afternoon tea, 2:00-2:45pm every Thursday on
the SMRI Terrace (accessed through A14-04-L4.36) 


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