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Calendar1: 10 May 2022 1500-1600
CalLoc1: Quad S224 & Online
CalTitle1: SMRI Seminar: Grazian ’Finding structures in observations: consistent(?) clustering analysis’
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SMRI Seminar: Grazian -- Finding structures in observations: consistent(?) clustering analysis

SMRI Seminar 
’Finding structures in observations: consistent(?) clustering analysis’
Clara Grazian (University of Sydney) 

Tuesday, 10th May, 3:00pm - 4:00pm 
Quad S224 & Online via Zoom 

Register for online attendance here: 

Abstract: Clustering is an important task in almost every area of knowledge: medicine
and epidemiology, genomics, environmental science, economics, visual sciences, among
others.  Methodologies to perform inference on the number of clusters have often been
proved to be inconsistent and introducing a dependence structure among the clusters
implies additional difficulties in the estimation process.  In a Bayesian setting,
clustering in the situation where the number of clusters is unknown is often performed
by using Dirichlet process priors or finite mixture models.  However, the posterior
distributions on the number of groups have been recently proved to be inconsistent.
This seminar aims at reviewing the Bayesian approaches available to perform via mixture
models and give some new insights.  

Biography: Dr Clara Grazian received a joint PhD in 2016 from University Paris-Dauphine,
France and Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, working on Bayesian analysis for mixture
models and copula models.  She then joined the Nuffield Department of Medicine and the
Big Data Institute of the University of Oxford to work on an international project
trying to investigate mechanisms of drug resistance developed by tuberculosis.