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CalTitle1: SMRI Seminar: Vo ’Canards, Cardiac Cycles, and Chimeras’
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SMRI Seminar: Vo -- Canards, Cardiac Cycles, and Chimeras


SMRI Seminar 
’Canards, Cardiac Cycles, and Chimeras’
Theodore Vo (Monash University) 

Tuesday 8th March, 3:00-4:00pm (AEDT) 

Online only

Abstract: Canards are solutions of singularly perturbed ODEs that organise the dynamics
in phase and parameter space.  In this talk, we explore two aspects of canard theory:
their applications in the life sciences and their ability to generate new phenomena.
More specifically, we will use canard theory to analyse a canonical model of the
electrical activity in a heart muscle cell.  We demonstrate that pathological heart
rhythms, called early afterdepolarisations, are canard-induced phenomena.  We use this
knowledge to explain the rich set of model behaviours, some of which have also been
observed in experiments.  Then, we explore a new class of canard-induced patterns in
reaction-diffusion PDEs which exhibit coexisting domains of mutually synchronised
oscillators and complementary domains of decoherent (asynchronous) oscillators.  

Note: This seminar will be recorded, including participant questions (participants only
when asking questions), and uploaded to the SMRI YouTube Channel 

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