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Calendar1: 31 Aug 2023 1300-1400
CalLoc1: Carslaw 375 & online via Zoom
CalTitle1: SMRI Seminar: Zoe Wyatt ’Stability problems in general relativity’
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SMRI Seminar: Wyatt -- Stability problems in general relativity

SMRI Seminar
’Stability problems in general relativity’
Zoe Wyatt (University of Cambridge)

Thursday 31st August
1:00-2:00pm (AEST)
Carslaw 375 & online via Zoom (register/join

Abstract: Einstein’s theory of general relativity makes spectacular predictions, like 
gravitational waves, about our universe. For the mathematician, the analysis of the 
hyperbolic Einstein equations is one of the most powerful ways to understand conceptual 
questions of the theory. 

In this talk, I will explain some of the contributions of mathematics to general 
relativity, highlighting a recent joint work showing the stability of Kaluza-Klein 
spacetimes. These are important models in supergravity and their stability is connected 
to claims of Penrose and Witten. 


Please join us after the seminar for SMRI afternoon tea, 2:00-2:45pm every Thursday on
the SMRI Terrace (accessed through A14-04-L4.36) 


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