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Calendar1: 27 Sep 2021 0900-1700
CalLoc1: Online
CalTitle1: Representation theory’s hidden motives - Day 1
Calendar2: 28 Sep 2021 0900-1700
CalLoc2: Online
CalTitle2: Representation theory’s hidden motives - Day 2
Calendar3: 29 Sep 2021 0900-1700
CalLoc3: Online
CalTitle3: Representation theory’s hidden motives - Day 3
Calendar4: 30 Sep 2021 0900-1700
CalLoc4: Online
CalTitle4: Representation theory’s hidden motives - Day 4
Calendar5: 1 Oct 2021 0900-1700
CalLoc5: Online
CalTitle5: Representation theory’s hidden motives - Day 5
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September 2021 Muenster & Sydney Representation Theory Workshop -- Representation theory’s hidden motives

**Schedule now available**

Representation theory’s hidden motives 
Conference at Muenster and Sydney 
27 September - 1 October 2021

In recent years, motivic techniques have been applied in several branches of 
representation theory, for example in geometric and modular representation theory.
The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in these areas in order to
foster new synergies in topics such as foundational aspects of the theory of motives,
Tate motives on varieties of representation-theoretic origin, motivic aspects of the
Langlands program, and motives of classifying spaces. 

(Speakers marked (*) will speak in Muenster, (**) will speak in Sydney.)
Angeltveit, Vigleik (Canberra, **) 
Cass, Robert (Harvard, *) 
Coulembier, Kevin (Sydney,**) 
Eberhardt, Jens (Bonn, *) 
Fu, Lie (Lyon, *) 
Haesemeyer, Christian (Melbourne, **)
Hoskins, Victoria (Nijmegen, *) 
Kamgarpour, Masoud (UQ, **) 
Lanini, Martina (Roma, *)
Levine, Marc (Essen, *) 
Richarz, Timo (Darmstadt, *) 
Semenov, Nikita (Munich, *)
Soergel, Wolfgang (Freiburg, *) 
Spitzweck, Markus (Osnabrück, *) 
Treumann, David (Boston College, *) 
Vilonen, Kari (Melbourne, **) 
Xue, Ting (Melbourne, **) 
Yang, Yaping (Melbourne, **)
Zhao, Gufang (Melbourne, **)
Zhong, Changlong (Albany, *) 

Nora Ganter (Melbourne) 
Jakob Scholbach (Muenster) 
Matthias Wendt (Wuppertal) 
Geordie Williamson (Sydney) 

now available via

All talks will be broadcast live using zoom. Recordings of talks will be posted at 
the youtube channel of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute.

Registered participants of the workshop will be sent zoom meeting IDs for the talks, 
and also a link to download video recordings prior to their publication on youtube.

Registration and local organisational information:
The workshop takes place parallely at the University of Muenster and at the 
University of Sydney.  It can also be attended online.  

Workshop participation is free of charge.  However, a registration is required.  

Registration for attendees in Muenster or online:

Registration for Australian based attendees (now online only):

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