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Sydney Ideas: Williamson -- Maths, AI and intuition

Sydney Ideas: Maths, AI and intuition 
Geordie Williamson

Tuesday 15 March
Lecture: 6:00-7:00pm (AEDT) 
Canapes: 7:00-8:00pm (AEDT) 

Delve into the surprising ways that artificial intelligence can enhance our human
intuition with esteemed Australian mathematician Professor Geordie Williamson and MC
Adam Spencer.  

Artificial intelligence is one of the defining technologies of the 21st century.  Over
the last 15 years, machine learning models have learnt to perform tasks that humans find
easy, such as speech and image recognition.  However many problems are still out of the
reach of AI, including most unsolved problems in pure mathematics.  

Hear from University of Sydney Professor of Mathematics Geordie Williamson as he
explores how machine learning can help with the intuitive aspects of mathematical
research.  Geordie recently carried out one of the first applications of AI in pure
mathematics, in collaboration with Oxford University mathematicians and DeepMind, the AI
company of AlphaGo fame.  The results were published in the prestigious scientific
journal Nature in December 2021.  

Geordie and the DeepMind team used machine learning models to uncover surprising
patterns in mathematical objects, leading to progress on problems that have puzzled
mathematicians for decades.  

Mathematician and MC Adam Spencer will host this Sydney Ideas talk.  

Join us to find out how AI can help deepen our understanding of the world and our
brains, and enhance one of our human superpowers: intuition.  

This event is presented with the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute.  

Date and time Tuesday 15 March, 6pm (AEDT) 

Join us live This event is free and open to all, taking place in-person at the
University of Sydney (Camperdown campus).  

Register to get details:

The venue provides wheelchair access and infrared hearing system.  For
enquiries about access requirements, get in touch with the Sydney Ideas team at the
earliest opportunity.  Email or phone +61 2 9351 2943.  

Will it be recorded? Yes, you can catch up on the Sydney Ideas podcast if you can’t make
it on the day for any reason.  

You can also sign up for an email alert to get notified when the video, podcast and
transcript is available for catch up later in your own time.

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