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Type: Seminar
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Expiry: 26 Mar 2020
Calendar1: 5 Feb 2020 1100-1200
CalLoc1: AGR Carslaw 829
CalTitle1: Differential Geometry Seminar: Wang -- Neumann Eigenvalue on Riemannian Manifolds
Auth: haotianw@ (hawu2800) in SMS-WASM

Differential Geometry Seminar

Neumann Eigenvalue on Riemannian Manifolds

Kui Wang (Soochow University)

Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020, 11:00–12:00 in AGR 829.

Abstract: I will firstly review the Szegö-Weinberger inequality and the Zhong-Yang inequality in Euclidean space. Secondly, I will present a Szegö–Weinberger inequality on curved manifolds and a Zhong-Yang inequality for the first non-zero eigenvalue of the weighted p-Laplacian on compact Bakry-Emery manifolds. Finally, I will discuss some open problems for the Neumann eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.

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