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Calendar1: 15 Jun 2020 1100-1200
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Differential Geometry Seminar Series: Wu -- Introduction to Mean Curvature Flow

Venue: Zoom Meeting 

Time: 11:00AM--noon, 15 June 2020.  

Lecturer: Haotian Wu (Sydney) 

Title: Introduction to Mean Curvature Flow 

Abstract: Mean curvature flow deforms hypersurfaces in a given ambient space in the
direction of their mean curvature vectors.  In this working seminar, we give an
introduction on mean curvature flow in the Euclidean space.  We aim to present some
classical results, e.g.  the existence theory, the evolution of geometric quantities and
singularity analysis.  

This is the eleventh lecture of this series. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 930-7586-8843
Password: 035321